Association of Jewish Librarians-Montreal Chapter

The Association of Jewish Libraries - Montreal Chapter

The organization which supports the production, collection, organization and dissemination of Jewish resources and library/media services.

Coming in Fall 2017! A Canadian Library Student Scholarship Award, funded by the Association of Jewish Libraries, Montreal through AJL's national office.
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Active between 1986-2016, AJL-Montreal welcomed all interested librarians, researchers and educators - whether their interest focused on personal or institutional collections.

Historically …

The U.S.-based Association of Jewish Libraries was created in 1965 as a result of the merger of two organizations:

The Jewish Librarians Association, founded in 1946, which concerned itself with collections of Judaica in academic, archival or research institutions,
The Jewish Library Association, founded in 1962, which concerned itself with collections in the synagogue, school and community, as well as other smaller libraries and media centres.

The Montreal Chapter of the Association of Jewish Libraries was founded in June 1986, immediately following an AJL national convention in Montreal.

In June 2011 the 46th Annual national conference of the Association of Jewish Libraries was held in Montreal again, on the 25th anniversary of the Chapter’s founding.


Today …

AJL continues to serve the needs and specialized interests of these former associations and divisions, with a Research and Special Libraries Division (R & S), and a Synagogue, School and Centre Division (SSC).

Most recent Montreal Chapter Co-Presidents: Marsha Lustigman e-mail:, and Chaya Goldman
Janice Rosen office tel. 514-931-7531 ext. 271, e-mail