interpretive guide to the united restitution organization claims files

BEG (German Federal Indemnity Law) General Documents

This page contains are brief summaries of documents which may be found in a BEG claim file regardless of the specific type of claim being made.Clicking the description headers, pictures, or links in the sidebar will bring you a scanned image of the document and (where necessary) an English translation.

General Application (Antrag)

This form was required for every claim under the BEG. It is usually 4 pages long and can be recognized by the word Antrag.



Declaration of Yearly Income (Johresorklärung)

Survivors who received a need-based pension under the BEG, are required to submit an annual declaration of their income in order to continue the pension. There are many variations of the yearly income form, known to URO staff as the "Pink Bogan" (pink form.) Some of these variants are printed on pink paper, such as the one issued by the Saarburg (Germany) office, pictured here. Another variation, from the Bayer-Landesentschädingungsamt office, is on white paper with a pink border and is in both German and English. One can also find a version from Darmstadt, which is in German, English and French.

Sworn Statement (Eidesstatthliche Erklärung)

This is an example of brief sworn testimony by the survivor making a claim. Such testimony was required for most claims.


Sworn Statement of Witness (Eidliche Erklaerung eines Zeugen)

This is an example of sworn testimony by a survivor who was a witness to the evens about which the claim is being made. Such witness testimony was accepted for BEG claims, but not for later claims (i.e., the Hardship Fund and Article 2).


Notification of pension changes, Saarburg Office

This form is a notification of changes to a claimant's pension. Different regional offices used different forms, but this Saarburg office form is representative.


Life History

An extended survivor testimony


Certificate re Tattoo mark

The tattoo served as an important piece of evidence for making claims involving damage sustained by a survivor who had been interned in a concentration camp. Together with records of prisoner numbers from the International Tracing Service, the presence of the claimant in a concentration camp could be proved.

Documents in Other Guide Sections

Other documents which may be relevant to multiple claims types can be found under the different sections of the guide. An example of an acceptance of an application for deprivation of liberty may be similar acceptance confirmations for other BEG claims. Similarly, the rejection of an orphan pension may be serve as a guide to other rejection forms. The site has two versions of the Montreal URO Office's internal power of attorney release form under Hardship Fund and Article 2 sections. These forms may be similar to other power of attorney release forms. Finally, the sworn testimony (Eidesstattliche Versicherung) in the loss of life section may be found in other claim types.