interpretive guide to the united restitution organization claims files

BEG (German Federal Indemnity Law) Loss of Life Claim Documents

Below are brief summaries of forms which may be found in a BEG claims under the category of loss of life (Schaden an Leben). Clicking the description headers, pictures, or links in the sidebar will bring you a scanned image of the document and (where necessary) an English translation.

Loss of Life Application

This is the main application for loss of life claims. This form can be easily identified by the title Schaden an Leben and the letter A in the upper right-hand corner.


Rejection of Pension

An example of a form rejecting an application for an orphan pension under the loss of life catagory.


Sworn Testimony (Eidesstattliche Versicherung)

An example of a survivor's story presented as evidence of the death of family members.