December 2015

2015 was a busy year of activities worthy of the name of Archives - and a year which ends with the Archives ready to assume a new name.

Several important and interesting collections were added to our holdings over the course of 2015. Two major acquisitions were from national women's organizations; one a new collection, from Na'amat Canada, and the other a significant addition to the collection of the National Council of Jewish Women. With the assistance of our Archives Advisory Committee member Dr. Pierre Anctil, we also obtained and two major family collections, that of Rabbi David Feuerwerker of Montreal, and that of the Pollack family of Quebec City.

Significant steps were made in the arrangement and cataloguing of both large and small collections this year, with the help of five student interns hailing from archives studies and document management programs at McGill University, UQAM (Université de Québec à Montréal) and John Abbott College. We also have the good fortune to continue to benefit from the help of our loyal trio of volunteers.

Meanwhile, following the formal cessation of operations of Canadian Jewish Congress and its charitable trust in late November 2015, beginning in January 2016 our repository's name will become "Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives", replacing the appellation "Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives" which had been in use since 2005. This name reflects both our national mandate, and our gratitude to the Alex Dworkin Foundation for Jewish Archives of the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, which provides our greatest source of support.

Along with our more fitting name, the Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives will streamline its operating procedures by becoming a national program operating directly under the auspices of Jewish Federations of Canada-UIA.

However, researchers and donors need not worry about where to find us and the historical materials we care for; we continue to be located in Montreal on the downtown campus of Concordia University, in the former national headquarters building of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

As the Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives we will continue to fulfill the aims of the Resolution "On Canadian Jewish Archives", that was set out at the CJC Plenary Assembly of 1934: "... That it is for the general interest and well-being of Canadian Jewry that this historical material be preserved (...) collected and stored (...) so that it may be made easily accessible (...) for the purpose of study and reference."