Art and Artifacts

Although the Canadian Jewish Archives only has a few items from its art and artifacts collection on display on the premises, many items from the collection have been or are currently on loan to Canadian museums and cultural exhibits.

The artifacts collection includes ceremonial silver items rescued in Europe after World War II and sent to Canadian Jewish Congress by the Jewish Cultural Reconstruction Committee. The collection extends to textiles such as cantorial robes and a Jewish Boy Scout uniform, as well as to memorabilia illustrative of various aspects of Jewish life in Canada.

The art collection includes several original paintings by the early 20th century artist Eric Goldberg as well as works on paper by his wife Regina Seiden Goldberg, and portraits by well-known Canadian Jewish artists Alexander Bercovitch and Ernst Neumann. More recent paintings in the collection include those by Jan Menses, Moe Rhineblatt, Fruma Sanders, Joyce Jason, and Boris Yefman.

The image at right is a detail from the Birnbaum-Ozerow parochet. Follow the link to read its story.