Teaching guides / Guides pédagogiques

A Glossary of Terms - Jewish Holidays and Ceremonial Art

(Glossaire des termes relatifs aux fêtes juives et œuvres d'art rituel)


This illustrated glossary of terms includes many of the Jewish themes mentioned in the Canadian Jewish Archives collections, with a special emphasis on ritual objects. (PDF document, 830K). The glossary ia also available in a bilingual (English French) version(925K).


Using Archives - An Introduction


Using Archives - An Introduction.This PDF document(approx. 2500K) is geared to secondary school students and is designed to introduce the notion of research using primary documents. It draws on materials from the Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives but can be used to stimulate interest in North American Jewish history in general. It is also available (by request) as a  PowerPoint presentation of approximately 10 mgs. For more detailed views of the documents in this presentation, download these  classroom notes(PDF document, 870K).